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Owners are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of Equine Sports Massage treatments. Whether their beloved equines are competing or simply hacking, a series of treatments can improve their way of going and well-being, as well as promoting healing after an injury or disease.

Please take time to read through my website. Should you wish me to treat your horse or simply have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to meeting you and your hooved friends.

Jude Furniss
ICAT Equine Sports Massage Diploma, Distinction (June 2010)

Equine Sports Massage

Equine Sports Massage is the manipulation of the soft tissues of the body, applied to the horse in a professional technique. An Equine Sports Massage Therapist requires a thorough understanding of anatomy and the interaction of bones, joints and muscles to appropriately treat a horse.  The Equine Sports Massage Therapist will assess the horse as a whole; looking for causes and effects to any issue they may find and will make recommendations to help improve the horse’s condition and welfare. Where necessary they will make appropriate recommendations to owners to visit other professionals such as a Vet, Chiropractor or Dentist.

All horses can benefit from massage, releasing tight muscles, increasing the pliability of muscles and therefore the range of movement the horse is capable of.  Massage will also increase the well-being and therefore improve the welfare. Horses that display signs of muscle pain or horses that are recovering from an injury will definitely benefit from Equine Sports Massage treatment.  Horses that are in competition work will benefit from massages, which will help prevent injury, increase flexibility and promote recovery.

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